Thursday, 25 October 2007


Well ain’t that the Truth Crazydave

Hi Judge Hickinbottom

Because you have done nothing since receiving my 2nd letter to you, sent to your 2 park street office in Cardiff, and received there on the 3rd Oct 2007 (copy of signature printed off the royal mail web site) the address where your letter to me of the 24th Sept 07 was franked from.

I have received the following, from Cardiff County Councils Mr David L. John. You will recall Judge that they failed to attend the 27/9/07 appointment because ‘Apparently’ they don’t look at their emails.

DATE 22/10/2007

Dear Sir/Madam

Re. Gas Safety Check

You will recall that I wrote to you requesting you to contact me to make an appointment to provide access to your property for us to undertake the annual gas service and safety check to your home. A Gas Engineer has since called at the property and to date you have failed to contact us, despite a card being left.

As previously advised, the Council has a legal obligation to council tenants to check every year that the gas appliances in their property are safely installed and maintained to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. It is extremely important that you provide access as failure to do so could put your safety at risk.

An appointment for the Gas Engineer has been arranged for
25.10.2007 between the times of 08:00:00Hrs and 12:00:00Hrs

Should you require an alternative appointment please contact us immediately on:
Cardiff (029) 20365718 – ask to speak to the Gas Programmer

If you have any queries regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us. Copies in other languages, large print, Braille or on audiotape will be made available on request.

Yours sincerely
David L. John
Responsive Maintenance Manager (029) 20365718

Well I’ve never had a letter from this David L. John before Judge you will recall that it was the now defunct Mr. Denis Hall that the previous letters came from. Well I didn’t bother to reply to this one and guess what, some turkey called today and stuck the notice below on my front door.

Why did they turn up this time and not at that 27/9/07 appointment if they claim the reason was that I did not phone them???(By the way judge as I go to bed in the wee small hours 0500hrs last night I am hardly going to be up and at it at 0915 hrs am I)






I guess this all means that you failed to do the right thing judge Hickinbottom and secured me that injunction from these people harassing me till a public inquiry has been held into the Cardiff County Council and their treatment of tenants.

I find it rich that they can tell me I have to contact them or else, when the Leader of the Council continually fails to respond to emails or letters from me. I find it remarkable that not one of the usual suspects has got in touch with Mr. Berman to ask him ‘what the fxxk is going on with his un-elected council officials’.

But most of all Judge I am wondering why you have not put the wheels in motion so that the injunction against Cardiff County Council be in place to save me from this Harassment.

You will find nothing in Mr. John’s letter that confirms the receipt of the blog that highlights the usage that I put the gas fire to. Nor answers to the questions of the initial installation of the new gas fire that the previous engineer tore the tape that fixed it to the Wall (see video) and decommissioned the appliance because his boss refused to allow him to re-tape it. After all weren’t the sub-contractors working to a specification that if the council checked upon completion of the works would have been seen to be faulty?

So I wonder judge just what your motivation is in not procuring that injunction. I have rung your secretary today your Chief Commissioners office secretary, and made her aware of the situation, as well as to this blog on the 020 7395 3315 that she feels ‘we the conduits of wealth to her position’ should not have, wishing to fob me off with a Tribunal Service number. Those self same people who have aided and abetted the Welsh Assembly Government and Cardiff County Council in their Criminal Negligence of me and other vulnerable adults.

Will she make you aware of that call I wonder. I also phoned the 20 365718 for David John at Cardiff County Council but as ever they were playing games of, is he in or is he out, and who am I, so I just left details to say look in your email account tomorrow for a copy of this.

Did you see on the WARNING notice that this forced entry MAY BE undertaken in the presence of a Housing Officer or the Police? Those self same Housing Officers who have continually refused to supply me a Corporate Complaint number and have victimised me long enough, and a Police officer whose Chief Constable is to ‘up to her neck’ in corruption, that she has failed to insure that AM’s cannot get away with malfeasance or Criminal Negligence, or for that matter leaders of Council, who can ignore letters or emails to their hearts content because they are immune to prosecution, because the police are in their pockets.

I sure would like the powers to bust into Rodney Berman’s house to demand that he responds to my emails, I sure would like that for Mr. Rhodri Morgan and his wife Julie’s so that they would be stopped from further Criminal Negligence towards me and other vulnerable adults. But there appears no Law to provide me with that, or the sort of notice that this council employee stuck to my door, is there judge?

Yeah Mr. Morgan First Minister you have 48 hrs to respond or your in the dock, facing criminal negligence charges. None of that for the downtrodden Eh Judge???????????????/

So tell me Judge Hickinbottom would it be safe to conclude that your failure to respond in a timely manner (puke) means that you’ve joined the list of those who have through inaction are culpable in the criminal negligence of Crazydave??????????????? Or will you surprise me and phone the number above and tell Mr. John that you have set the wheels in motion to ensure that Mr. Gabriel will not have his home busted up, until such time as a public inquiry has concluded its investigation???????????????????????

Because Mr. John failed to comment on my usage of the gas fire (highlighted in the previous blog about this, a copy of which they have) and that under those circumstances, it does not constitute any threat to my health or well-being and that given the questions raised about Cardiff County Council being an unfit Social Landlord they are to write to tell me that this gas check is being ‘put on hold’.

If I had the money, or the know how, or a solicitor, I would do it myself Judge. But I have none of those things, and that is why I am asking you to do this on my behalf once again.

European Human Rights Law states that we have the right to legal representation Judge, well I have had none, and that is why I have gone to that court to seek redress, when all in the UK have failed me, and ergo other vulnerable adults as well.

Then maybe just maybe Judge you might find out what the building standard regulations are for those flats shown in my previous blog regarding floor to ceiling transmission values are, and ask this question ‘if that’s the case then why aren’t houses of multiple occupancy made to conform to that self same regulation?’ because you will find this one way, way, way below those.

Now Mr. John are you going to stop your harassment of me, until such time as a public inquiry looks into all of this, or are you going to make pretend that you haven’t received this or the other email from me and send in the goons to smash up my home??????????????and just like Mr. Richard Evans of bbc radio wales eventually be sued for aiding and abetting the criminal negligence of Crazydave, Cos Mr. Evans on his show today did another stint on the windmill saga, even interviewing Mr. Glyn Davies one time AM who still refuses to look at the micro water wheel technology as a viable source of renewable energy, all because it’s a Crazydave idea Eh Mr. Evans.

All the Best people, from Crazydave.

ps Judge for the record, if this technology does become an excellent form of renewable energy and the copyrights do belong to me, and should my health fail prematurely because of my drug addiction (when it could have been oh so much better given a little love And understanding i.e. allowed to grow my own and ingest as a foodstuff, as it should be for the other 7 million regular users of cannabis in the UK) Then I would like all the monies that would be afforded me to go to my next of kin, for as long as possible., the same for my possessions n paintings n banners n sculptures. David Gabriel

pps For the record here is the email address that I was told is used by Judge Gary Hickinbottom I wonder if it will be proved at some future time judge that this is indeed the email you have used prior to my aquiring it and using it???????



UPDATE 29/10/07 Well here is Judge Hickinbottom’s reply, to the phone call to his secretary. I guess at least my phoning got that at least, and this was received on Saturday the 27/10/07, the same day I received a letter from the Wales section of the IPCC, funnily enough. Lets deal with the Judges first then the IPCC.

26 October 07
Dear Mr. Gabriel

Thank you for your letter of 29 September.

As I explained in my letter of 24 September, the Commissioners have a limited jurisdiction – and my powers are limited to considering the conduct of Commissioners in dealing with an appeal. I have no wider jurisdiction in relation to the social security and welfare benefits system. As you have never made an appeal to the Commissioners, you will appreciate that I have no power to intervene in relation to the matters you have raised in your letters and emails, and you will understand that further correspondence between us cannot be productive.

Yours sincerely
Judge Gary Hickinbottom.

The letter was signed pp by what looks like a Mel Rowland but as pp’ers very seldom print their names its hard to tell.

I wonder Judge how I am supposed to get an appeal to the Commissioners when the down line managers and staff have and here is the complaint to you yet again. ‘They have attempted to pervert the course of justice by obstructing my appeal to the Commissioners’

I would have thought that complaint was enough to get an investigation into that claim, by the Chief Commissioner, or that the Chief Commissioner would know who in Heaven I ought to be directing this claim to????? If, the chief Commissioner desires, to wash his hands of this complaint. By claiming he has no jurisdiction over these members of the Tribunal Service.

I believe that I have more than furnished enough evidence to make that complaint self evident, in my blogs and the email correspondence and letters sent and received by me and the area manager of the Cardiff Tribunal Service.

By Forestalling this complaint to the Commissioners, the Tribunal Service has also colluded in my opinion, with the Welsh Assembly Government in its ‘criminal negligence toward my health n Welfare’, if indeed this Oral Hearing I attended really is a court, by their refusal to have the documentation I requested at that hearing, or a computer if they refused to print off those blogs to at least access them i.e. The blogs on

Justifiable grounds I would have thought for their initial decision to be ‘set aside’ based on the document I referred to in a previous blog, found in their office reception area the day I went looking for your name, and them giving me a false one, another aspect of the contempt that they have shown towards me, in their game playing, shenanigans.

Maybe by now someone might have demanded of the Welsh Assembly Government ‘why haven’t you First Minister pointed out to Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water) that their demand that Mr. Gabriel furnish them with the details of where he spends his income support is a violation of Human Rights Legislation, i.e. ‘The right to Privacy’. After all, I met all the other criteria for that debt to be written off as Legislated for by Parliament.

That the Social Security pay this supposed debt direct from my benefit they are in actuality colluding with the Water company in causing me unnecessary hardship, as did the panel at that oral hearing, let alone the Doctor who was in attendance and that part of human rights legislation that deals with the right to medical help. Or the complaint that the BMA etc has failed to respond to the complaint that DR. Brian Gibbon ought to be struck off the medical register for his part in the Criminal Negligence of my wonderful self.

I did notice that you refer to emails received, that at least is one small victory. It would have been a relief if you could have given some guidance as to how to procure an injunction against Cardiff County Council, but your letter appears to have said nothing about the blog I informed your secretary would be posted on the 25 Oct. 2007. I am only amazed that this letter of yours had not been back dated to prior that phone call, because I have received enough of those over these last 8 years.

So Judge can you let me know to whom, I ought to Address this complaint of ‘attempting to pervert the course of justice by the Tribunal Service in Cardiff’??????????????? So I can waste another day of my life dealing with those who possess no Love or Understanding towards the Socially Excluded, mental health sufferers and others listed on the Jane Hutt resigns banner, and have these complaints attended to.

Although I have to admit Judge, by now I have no faith in any form of Social Justice in this country, the request is merely to show the country that indeed that is the Truth as it stands today, because I have grave doubts that any prosecutions would be enacted to support my claim.

Much like the white wash by the parliamentary ombudsman who failed to include all statements made on the piece of paper left with Dr. Kennedy or his perjury of the report he made regarding my appointment with him at Medical Services. Neither would the parliamentary ombudsman confirm that indeed the inverted commas stared at ‘As a representative of Bro Taff health authority go fxxk yourself’, and not as he stated purely ‘go fxxk yourself’ your might have some genius in language indicate the difference that the two statements portray as to the kind of person I am.

It is similar to the lies that the psychiatrist made mentioned on the bottom of that piece of paper, left with Dr. Kennedy less his workload made it hard for him to recall what I had said. Guess I wasted my time on that one eh Judge? I wonder how many other patient prescribed ‘cipramil’ were unnecessarily sectioned by doctors and psychiatrist playing games with demanding clients ???????????????????????????????????????????????? That they failed to recognise were behaving in the manner they were due to the side effects of the medication they were prescribing!!!!

Well that’s it for today Judge Hickinbottom, but I think you might find the following form the IPCC of interest in your capacity as a Judge.

26 October 2007
Dear Mr. Gabriel

I am writing in relation to your persistent email correspondence, the content of which relates to neither an existing nor a new complaint against the police and is therefore not relevant to the work of the Independent Police complaints Commission.

Under these circumstances I must inform you that no email correspondence will be entered into by the IPCC.

Should you have reason to make a complaint against the police, I request that you contact us by mail at IPCC 90 High Holborn London WC1V 6BH or via our online complaints form, available from

Yours sincerely M. J. BENBOW Regional Director Eastern Business Park Wern Fawr Lane St. Mellons Cardiff CF3 5EA.

Since Jane Carters visit to my premises regarding the complaint already with the IPCC way back in January 2006. They have not chased up the letter on my behalf. That I was assured was coming my way, from south wales police internal investigation people. There’s one video that I couldn’t put up on ‘youtube’ where officers down Cardiff bay cautioned me for shouting allegations of a criminal nature, regarding the media in Wales and its collusion with the Welsh Assembly Government. Yet I was free to sing a song.

That the IPCC is well aware of all the allegations in the blogs yet they have done sweet fanny adams to chase it up. I believe their inadequacy in performance no doubt matches how John Charles parents feel about their incompetence to at least get a ‘Corporate Manslaughter’ charge against the Police for the Murder of their son in broad daylight when even to the un- trained eye, it was obvious that this man had no explosive device on his person. Or that the trigger happy officer whom pumped his brain full of bullets never gets his hand on a gun ever again. After all he was in range to just pistol-whip the man to unconsciousness, and no need to execute him with extreme prejudice.

So I will keep sending the emails to the IPCC after all they are on my list of usual suspects who have colluded with the Welsh Assembly Government and south Wales Police in Criminal Negligence, and M. J. Benbow can whistle ‘Dixie’. He or is it a she may like to check out the blogs regarding the IPCC refusal to respond to emails. It’s just one more organisation where highly paid officials do as little as possible to hold anybody to account. Does Benbow care that a council official continually refuses to reply to emails or letters???? Or that the claim of malfeasance and criminal negligence are still being made, or that the initial complaints made to the IPCC are still frigging outstanding?????

Who watches the watchers when they are obviously failing the people of this country Judge Hickinbottom. Odd isn’t it Judge that he chooses to write to me now after the blog ‘Judge Hickinbottom fails vulnerable adult’ you’ll find that on my files now. As well as this update to that blog.

All I can really say about Benbow’s letter is this ‘The IPCC collude with the welsh assembly government in its criminal negligence of Crazydave’ how by not investigating how is it that they still haven’t ensured that my initial complaints have been dealt with by South Wales Police. In this case how is it that they cannot demand ‘We wish to have a reply within 20 days or else’ of South Wales Police much like David L. John of Cardiff County Council can demand that I reply to him within 48 hrs or they will have the right to ‘break and enter’ into my home??????

Where is the Law Societies Human Rights Committee when you could do with them Crazydave? Hiding away hiding away. Enough to chew over Judge Hickinbottom, I hope so, do I have to post this via Royal Mail or will you simply email me back saying I am giving what you have written more thought Crazydave, and will reply via email shortly.

Love n Light People from Crazydave.
Oh by the way Judge Hickinbottom Cardiff County Council employees haven’t attempted to break n enter into my property today, but I am concerned that they might when I am not around to video them, playing their games at my expense. I wonder if I will have one day’s notice of that occurring. That’s unless I have someone’s assistance with an injunction stopping them.

Today Richard Evans on BBC Radio Wales had yet another section of his show dealing with the perenial Cannabis issue. I wonder if the court in view of the staements made by the gentleman who is aboutr to be sent for trial will take an enlightened stance and chuck the case out of court with this to the police 'don't waste court time' given that there are 100,000 other similar cases I wonder how much money that would save the country. Maybe that's why the Law Society is keeping stum about 'political asylum in an eec country where cannabis ussage is not criminalised' or would doing so affect their members yearly income????????????????????


UPDATE 2 NOVEMBER 2007 CARDIFF COUNTY COUNCIL CORPORATE BULLIES Well isn’t that the truth Judge? So its here we go again, more bulldoody from Mr. David L. John. In his latest letter to me, received Thursday 1st Nov 2007.

Date 30.10.2007
Mr. Gabriel
Dear Sir/Madam
Re. FINAL REQUEST – Gas Safety Check
You have failed to provide access for us to undertake essential servicing and safety checks to the gas appliances in your property. This is despite us sending letter and our Gas Engineer attending to appointments. Consequently, a warning sticker has been taped to your door.

Failure to provide access on the 06.11.2007 at 10.00Hrs to carry out these works may lead to action being taken against you in accordance with the terms of your tenancy. Please ensure that you are home on this date.
Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal so act responsibly.
If you have any queries regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Cardiff (029) 20365718 – Ask to speak to the Gas Programmer

Copies in other languages, large print, Braille or on audiotape will be made available on request.

David L. John
Responsive Maintenance Manager.

Hey isn’t that nice of Mr. John, funny how Mr. John fails to mention that I have contacted his dept. first by phone and email over this Gas Safety Check isn’t it.

Is it coincidence that I attempted to phone on the 30/10/07 at 1605Hrs but they must have gone home, cos it just kept ringing n ringing so I sent Mr. John the following email at the same day.

Hi David

I wonder if you can email me back and let me know what your intentions are with regards to these threats to break and enter??

As I would like to be free to go out in the day, without the fear that the dastarly deed will be done while I am away. I did try and phone your office today but as it was 1605hrs they must have all gone home.

yours David Gabriel I am sure you know the address.

The only grace this letter of yours has provided me Mr. John is that at least I know that you will not be breaking and entering into my home until after that date, so at least I am free to go about my business.

Your letter Mr. John also fails to mention that your engineer failed to turn up at the 27/9/07 appointment where I was hanging around for the four hours with ‘maybe he might turn up, maybe he doesn’t want to be videoed’. Its odd that in these last two letters appointments are put at a specific hour, rather than the ‘oh between here n there’. Isn’t it Mr. John? Maybe, your getting your act together Mr. John. At least, as far as specific appointment times go. The previous letter to this one gave me one days notice of an appointment, but that’s the least of my concerns.

Mr. John seems to have failed to note that the copy of the blog I sent him mentions that like a great majority of Clinically Depressed people I lead a more nocturnal life than the well adjusted, i.e. I generally go to bed a around 0500Hrs and that these 10.00Hrs appointments are inconvenient, as generally I awake at noon to listen to Mr. Richard Evans and the parochial issues he chooses to deal with on his show. You know that nationalistic fervour they like to brainwash everybody to believe you have to feel in Wales on the BBC.

Something I feel fortunate in not believing in, after all were one species living on one piece of rock that flying through a massive universe, little Wales pales into insignificance from that perspective.

Nationalistic pride has caused more wars than have ever, really been necessary, but that’s our species for you.

So yes what would be convenient Mr. John. How about the first call after the engineer has had his lunch hour. Maybe then I could have the specific time that way, every time. Or at least until, my nocturnal habits change.

Once again Mr. John threatens me with ‘action being taken against you in accordance with the terms of your tenancy’ I had thought that I had dealt with this before Mr. John. Under the terms of the tenancy I have the right to a corporate complaint number. That right, Mr. John has been consistently denied me since January 2006. I will not bore you with the details Mr. John, but part of the complaint that this corporate complaint number would have dealt was a complaint of ‘constructive eviction’ levelled at your housing officer’s and their rancid letter’s to me. (I imagine yours is the delight in busting into tenants houses for kicks Mr. John).

While I have denied the accusations in their letters, and have provided indications as to how the statements made by me could be proved, the police have failed to chase that up, the IPCC have failed to chase them up, and your housing officer’s have failed to chase that proof up also, Mr. John. So where does that leave me and my ‘under the terms of the tenancy. Not that the great n good give a damn Mr, John or one of them would have stepped in to sort your Housing dept out by now.

They have also failed to go to court over their letter telling me that I must remove my front garden screen, because it is made of a material that they found to be offensive. Rather than admire an impoverished mans creative use of materials, in a garden that is constructed out of waste materials, or the materials that an impoverished man can afford. That letter due to the fact that the Landlord refused to provide some lap lock fencing that would hide the miscreants from my view. Check out the video nuisance neighbour to get a taste of what I’ve been living next to, that no one has given a twaddle about.

One thing that I did hear on Mr. Evans show this week Mr. John, was the term ‘malicious intent’ your complete disregard for the concerns that I have raised in these blogs i.e. That your overly zealous pursuit to fulfil your duties in persecuting me with regards this gas check, fail to address the issue of this appliance being decommissioned. We all know the one I am on about don’t we Mr. John, you know the one that the last engineer tore the tape from the wall that held it in place, that your sub-contractors had left as serviceable when they replaced the old fire, (when they put in the new combi-boiler system, and got rid of the evidence of my complaint to Jane Carter of IPCC on her visit in Jan 2006, that someone had placed stones with plaster on, that discoloured my bathing water muddy brown for a few months). Then he rang his boss who told him he couldn’t re-stick it even though he had tape in his van and therefore he must de-commissioned it. There’s this little screw that you have to turn that stops the gas flow. He gave me a sheet of paper that confirmed what he’d done, and asked me to destroy it once the sub-contractors had ‘made good’ their shoddy work. I still have that piece of paper Mr. John.

No one from any department within the council has ever chased up with me whether that work has been undertaken, that means your dept. also Mr. John. If they had they will have found out it hasn’t and nobody has asked me why. I’ll not explain why here Mr. John, you obviously have little care or understanding of the socially excluded. Or else you would have addressed my concerns rather than sending out standardised letter’s because you are to thoughtless to create your own, less you put your foot in it, or ho hum they take time to formulate. But unlike you Mr. John I am not well paid for my time waking you up, to a more humane approach to your duties.

So I wonder Mr. John would the charge ‘malicious intent’ apply to you in this matter, by these demands of yours?
Is it unreasonable of me to request a first after lunch hour appointment?
Is it unreasonable of me to have assurances, that given the statements I have made regarding my usage of the gas fire in my front room, that this time your engineer will not attempt to peel the tape that surrounds the fire, and de-commission the appliance?

Yes even though its been replaced by me, with tape that I have for, taping my banners to my wall for painting or for sticking the plastic bags at the back garden so that I have a partition fence, because I have some dipstick for neighbours, who since 2002 have been harassing me, all because my landlord has failed to say, ‘there’s no need for that Crazydave, We’ll provide a high enough fence so they cannot fxxk with your back garden, yeah and we will do the same for the front’.

You know what the real kiss of is Mr. John, not one of the great or the good as they like the Nation to think of them, the ‘Usual Suspects’ that my blogs are always sent to, with the required links to the videos that I have produced, has ever got in touch with Cardiff County Council as far as I am aware and asked why aren’t you providing a back garden fence so that Crazydave doesn’t have to have green bin bags for a fence?’ after all Mr. John pro rata they get more in rent for this property, as flats than they would as a house.

Your refusal to address the questions raised by me to you, in these blogs adds your name to that list. Its only a pity that my assembly member doesn’t carry out his duties for his constituent in the zealous manner that your are in yours. Maybe then he might be writing to you on my behalf, and I would have the assurances that I require.

So can you address the concerns that I have, quit playing your games because terms of tenancy as far as Cardiff County Council go and this tenant became null n void a long, long time ago Mr. John, and your use of that as a threat to do your bidding, well it sucks Mr. John, and you tread a quagmire of legalise in its use under the circumstances.

I trust you will bear all the above in mind, when I fail to be up at 10.00Hrs on Tuesday 6/11/07.

Yours David Gabriel, aka Crazydave.

PS Do I really need to print and send the previous update to you Judge Hickinbottom, for you to act on the information provided or will you get in touch by email this coming week, to let me know your on the case????????? Guess I will have to send it by Royal Mail, huh Judge???

PPS Mr. Galloway I wonder what APR Nothern Rock are paying the Bank of England for this Loan they have been granted? I bet its not as high as the Lenders are being asked to pay Northern Rock is it???? I wonder when the people in this country will wake up to the fact that, Home Ownership has been used as a stick to beat the workers into servitude? This time, not via a boss, but to a bank or mortgage provider, so that they will not go on strike less they lose all they hold dear, a hearth and home and security of tenure.

Where government know this and can enforce any law, however repressive because the people live in fear of loss, if they withdraw their labour for any extended period, as an act of civil disobedience.

I put it to you Sir that parliament as it now stands, has grown outmoded, and outdated for the citizens of the 21stCentury Great Britain. We desire our elected representatives to represent their constituent’s views from now on and not that of their party whips, so that government tow the peoples line, after all they are supposed to be our servants and not our masters. But then try telling that to Mr. Rhodri Morgan or Mr. Rodney Berman and no doubt they will laugh in your face. They have in mine for long enough.

The same as the consumer has never been allowed to charge the banks for any letters it has taken us to write to them telling them they have made a mistake, I wonder if the bill to Mr. John for this so far ought to be £750 plus damages????


UPDATE MON 5TH NOV 2007. I've rung Mr. John today and he has not been aware of any of the emails that have been sent to cmsgasservicing. So we have arranged a 1400hrs appointment for tomorrow on the understanding that the appliance will not be switched off. I wonder why those emails haven't gotten through though, plus it would be nice to have the direct line phone number for those who send the letters, and direct email addresses as well so that those in a similar situation to myself do get through to the person who name signs the letters????????? Eh Mr. Berman.

Alot of my time wasted, by those who couldn't care less.